Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vampires are Old News. Get over it.

Just saw a commercial for Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Stain. OMFG. Now we're naming makeup to catch on with the whole twilight-sparkly-vampire trend? Puh-lease!

I was a vamp fan back in the day. I read Anne Rice novels. I watched Forever Knight. I saw vampires as sexy because they were dark and dangerous, not sparkly teenagers.

I read the first 2 twilight books. I saw the first movie. I want nothing to do with it now. It's a sparkly, fluffy little view of vampires. What happened to my messy, dark, and dirty vamps that were all evil and sexy? Even in Forever Knight, he flashed back to his evil days.

I hadn't planned on this going into a twilight rant, but then again, I hadn't really planned anything except pointing out the stupidity of that lip stain name. Just bitten? Really? Makes me want to avoid it along with the rest of the twilight-insanity.

Ok. I got distracted by the TV. I love House. Great show.

I want vampires to go back to their dark scary days. And I want Hot Topic to go back to it's goth days and burn all the cutesy trendy shit in there now. Just saying.