Friday, February 19, 2010

Good For Your Heart?

I kept seeing this cute commercial, animated, where the stick-figure-guy does some sit-ups and push-ups to inflate his big red heart. Then I stopped paying attention.

My husband pointed out the rest of the commercial today. It's for Diet Coke, support that whole red dress heart health movement. Now I have NOTHING against the red dress heart health thingy. Nothing whatsoever. I support them. Let's get rid of heart disease, yay!

But Coke? Having a drink that is nothing but sugar and bubbles support heart health?

You may say, "But it's Diet Coke! No Calories!" Well it's still nothing but a little water and carbonation with chemicals. Coke is bad, so drink diet, but if you really want to be healthy, drink water. Seriously, people, soda is bad for you, even the diet shight. (see me trying to not swear?) (well, kinda?)

Of course, shortly after that commercial, they aired another version, where the guy climbs a ladder to the top of his heart. Not as cute. But it's still Diet Coke trying to be healthy, which it's not, so it drives me crazy and I had to write a blog about it. *sigh* I am feeling a little better now.

I have a feeling many of these blogs will be about commercials. It's not my fault so many commercials are stupid.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Nation of Germaphobes

I keep seeing this commercial for a little gadget that pumps your soap for you. The commercial goes on and on about how germs will collect on pump for your hand soap. Now, I don't know about you, but you know what I do immediately after touching the pump on my hand soap? I wash my hands! Well how about that.

Seriously, I've gotten used to everything being automatic in public bathrooms, but now we're doing that in our own homes? What is the point of automatic soap dispensers when we're just washing our hands after touching them? Sure, keep your auto-flushing toilets, auto-sinks, and auto-dispensing towels. But soap? Soap? Next you'll see auto-towel dispensers for the bathroom. I mean really, you keep drying your hands on the same towel for days on end? You know how many germs are in that towel?

My best friend is quite a germaphobe. She's one of those that uses her foot to flush and won't touch the door after washing her hands. But even she isn't like that in her own home. She knows that she keeps her house clean, so she doesn't have to be afraid of touching everything.

I think the true reason for all this auto stuff in our bathrooms isn't cleanliness, but laziness. We're too lazy to flush the toilet, too lazy to pump out our own paper towels, or just pull the stupid things out. What's next, a toilet that wipes for you?

If you can't tell, I didn't catch on to the anti-bacterial gel thing, either. I figured I grew up just fine without it, I can keep going without it. I do use the stuff. It is handy when camping with boy scouts to clean hands before cooking the dinner everyone will eat. The animal shelter I volunteer at uses it to avoid spreading any illness between animals. But you don't need to use it in place of soap. Even my sister (who obsessed with anti-bac gel after the birth of her first child) has admitted they don't really use it anymore. It's hand for those times when you can't use soap and water, but otherwise, soap works just as good if not better.


I think this blog was a good idea. I feel better having gotten that out. It's been bugging me for days.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

Wasn't this supposed to be a Saint's day? I know it's just a Wiki article, but here's a little info on that.

So when exactly did we get this commercialized Valentine's Day that we have now? has a detailed article on what they believe is the history of Valentine's Day.

So now for my opinion. This holiday has gotten out of control. Sure, when you're little it's fun to decorate a box and make little cards for all your classmates, even if you don't really want to give valentines to all of them. But for adults? Seriously?

Someone ages ago must have had their little light bulb flash and realize they could make a buck off this holiday. It's snowballed from there to an outrageous holiday that seems to have lost the point. It's all about getting gifts that "show your love" for your significant other, or being depressed that you aren't in a relationship.

First off, let me say that I am very madly in love with my husband and have been since we started dating. He has never had to buy me anything to show that he loves me. He does that in other ways. I don't buy him gifts either. We take care of each other, we cook and clean for each other, we do things together, we include each other in our lives. I can honestly say that my husband is my best friend.

Neither of us have ever cared much for Valentine's Day. If we do any gifts, it's usually something for both of us that we have been wanting for a while. V-Day is just an excuse to go out and buy it. We might do a nice dinner together. This year we are staying home and cooking my favorite pasta dish - Pasta Alla Carbonara. We're making it special by using real Pancetta instead of bacon bits. No flowers, no cards, maybe some chocolate (because I'm a chocoholic).

Really, gifts do not show love. I have bought gifts for people I don't really care about before, but I was obligated to give a gift. Now, a gift can be an expression of love, but I don't really think it counts if you feel obligated to get the gift. I never feel obligated to get my husband his birthday or X-mas gifts. I see it as an excuse to spoil him. If you feel obligated to get your SO something for V-day, then maybe you need to really stop and think about it. Maybe there is another way to show that you love them, like doing all their chores for them.

Perfect example. I didn't know what to get my friend for her birthday last year, but wanted to do something. So I just spend the whole day with her, running her errands. When she needed to run inside, I would sit in the car with her kids, making that errand so much easier on her. She said it was one of the best birthday gifts.

Ok. I will stop rambling now. Just do me a favor and think about it a little. Do you really need to buy them something to show that you care? If all they want is stuff from you, maybe you need to analyze your relationship. Then again, maybe you are both just material people. After all, we are living in a material world.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Intro Post

I am opinionated, as are most people. But I have found a need to share my opinions. That is the point of this blog.

As for the title, I started saying "tough crackers" as a way to not curse in front of kids. It stuck. I still say it. It's unique, so I was able to get it as a URL for this blog.

So a little about me - I'm an army wife. I have 1 cat named Duke and will be getting a dog as soon as we can get a house on post. We don't want to pay the extra pet deposit for the house we're renting and the back yard floods every time it rains, so no dog until we move. I'm 29. I grew up in a smaller city in Wyoming, went to school and lived in Kansas for a while, and now I'm in Texas. That should be enough.

Now sit back and enjoy my sarcasm-laden posts.