Monday, September 8, 2014

A 10K Is Not A Marathon

  • Marathon: noun
  • 1 : a long-distance race
    a : a footrace run on an open course usually of 26 miles 385 yards (42.2kilometers
    b : a race other than a footrace marked especially by great length
  • 2 a : an endurance contest 
    b : something (as an eventactivity, or sessioncharacterized by great length or concentrated effort

When it comes to running events, people need to be more realistic. A 10k race, 6.2 miles, is NOT a marathon. 

"Great" length implies a long distance, not easily accomplished. A marathon takes months of training, not just running for a while. A marathon lasts a long time as well. If you finish a race in an hour or less, it's not a marathon. You wouldn't call one episode of your favorite show a marathon, would you?

It is generally accepted that a marathon race is a set distance of 26.2 miles. An ultra marathon is any distance greater than this, but usually 50 or more miles. A half marathon is ALWAYS 13.1 miles, adding to the acceptance of a marathon as 26.2. 

I understand that not everyone is a runner, however, if you are trying to become a runner, PLEASE learn about running! You will not see a running or sports focused magazine refer to a marathon as anything but a 26.2 mile race. You will be seen as an idiot if you approach other runners and talk about your "marathon" that was only 6.2 miles. What happened to the other 20?

I have run 2 marathons and walked 2 more. It took months of training. It was painful at times. It took dedication and resolve, and I am very proud of myself for having done it. 

Calling your 10k a marathon takes away from all the hard work I put into those races. No, sorry, you did NOT in fact run a marathon. You ran a 10k. Learn the difference.