Monday, July 12, 2010

Instead of throwing it out, try not buying it

Ziplock commercial - she asks for 4 lbs of sirloin, but only wrap half because she'll throw it out anyway.

Well, dummy, maybe you should buy more than you can use!!

Seriously, when I shop for meat or perishables, I remember that there are only 2 of us, and we can only eat so much. I only buy 4 pieces of chicken so we can have 1 dinner and 1 lunch from the leftovers.

Tupperware, gladware, and all those wonderful creations we have for storing food should be used for leftovers, not for extras!

A lot of the problem comes from bulk shopping. People think they need to buy all they can while it's at a good price, but then it goes bad before they can use it and they are just throwing away money. But instead of buying fancy baggies and dishes to "save" the extras, how about not buying them in the first place?

If you look at my fridge, you'd probably think it's bare. But we don't buy food unless we believe we will use it before it goes bad. Think of the European market, where people pop in and buy their day's produce. Just a day or two, not a week, or a month. Then it's not going bad and you're not throwing it out. You always have fresh produce to cook with.

So next time you look at something in the grocery store and wonder if you will be able to use it all before it goes bad, look around and see if they have a smaller size. Even if it's not as good of a "deal," at least you won't be throwing away the extras that you didn't use.

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