Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some people really need to get a life

The Dyson guy, you know the one, white hair in all the dyson vacuum commercials? Yeah, him. He needs a life. He claims, in one commercial, that he has been obsessed with perfecting vacuums for 17 years. His obsession is almost an adult!

Really? Who obsesses with vacuums. Is he OCD about cleaning his carpets or something? 17 years spent on making the perfect vacuum?

My sister has a dyson. She won it online (she would never dish out that amount for a vacuum). She loves it, says it works great. So yay! Your vacuum works well.

But I bet if you cut the price in half, many more would buy it. Do a search for Dyson Vacuum on Amazon. Sort it by price, low to high. You will see vacuums in other brands that are cheaper than the dyson accessory kits! Even their hand-held vac is $150!

Seriously, I bought a bissell stick vac for $20 and it sucks up my pet hair like a hungry monster. Why spend 7 times that on a hand held that doesn't even convert to stick?

I guess that is for the same people who obsess with perfecting vacuums for 17+ years.

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  1. I've broken every vacuum, except my awesome Dyson ball. I love you, Mr. Dyson!