Friday, February 19, 2010

Good For Your Heart?

I kept seeing this cute commercial, animated, where the stick-figure-guy does some sit-ups and push-ups to inflate his big red heart. Then I stopped paying attention.

My husband pointed out the rest of the commercial today. It's for Diet Coke, support that whole red dress heart health movement. Now I have NOTHING against the red dress heart health thingy. Nothing whatsoever. I support them. Let's get rid of heart disease, yay!

But Coke? Having a drink that is nothing but sugar and bubbles support heart health?

You may say, "But it's Diet Coke! No Calories!" Well it's still nothing but a little water and carbonation with chemicals. Coke is bad, so drink diet, but if you really want to be healthy, drink water. Seriously, people, soda is bad for you, even the diet shight. (see me trying to not swear?) (well, kinda?)

Of course, shortly after that commercial, they aired another version, where the guy climbs a ladder to the top of his heart. Not as cute. But it's still Diet Coke trying to be healthy, which it's not, so it drives me crazy and I had to write a blog about it. *sigh* I am feeling a little better now.

I have a feeling many of these blogs will be about commercials. It's not my fault so many commercials are stupid.

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