Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Intro Post

I am opinionated, as are most people. But I have found a need to share my opinions. That is the point of this blog.

As for the title, I started saying "tough crackers" as a way to not curse in front of kids. It stuck. I still say it. It's unique, so I was able to get it as a URL for this blog.

So a little about me - I'm an army wife. I have 1 cat named Duke and will be getting a dog as soon as we can get a house on post. We don't want to pay the extra pet deposit for the house we're renting and the back yard floods every time it rains, so no dog until we move. I'm 29. I grew up in a smaller city in Wyoming, went to school and lived in Kansas for a while, and now I'm in Texas. That should be enough.

Now sit back and enjoy my sarcasm-laden posts.

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