Monday, March 1, 2010

You Call That Art?

Look! Two posts in one afternoon!

To all of you out there, Photoshop does NOT make you an artist!

I was looking at a photography website. This girl is trying to be a professional photographer. I say trying because 1.) she needs to remove the stupid music from every page on her site, and 2.) she needs to back off the Photoshop!

It's like some people think that with Photoshop, they can take crappy pictures and still make money. Now, this girl actually had some good pictures, but the majority of them had at least 1 Photoshop filter applied to them, and half of them made absolutely no sense! Using PS (Photoshop is too much to type each time) filters is a cheat, not a fix. Sure, you can fix some red eye or focus in PS, but it should not be relied on to make a good photo. And knowing how to apply a filter to a photo does not make it art or you an artist.

Look, photography takes skill and talent. I am quite lacking in those skills and talents, but at least I don't try to PS my pics into something "artsy." I believe that if your photos can't stand on their own, without being "touched up," then maybe you shouldn't be taking so many pictures.

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