Monday, March 1, 2010

When your POA is a POS...

Slightly more personal rant today.

I mentioned that I'm an Army wife. We are trying to get a house on the Fort. The housing office, however, seems to not care.

See, they have this list. When you fill out an application for housing, they put you on the list, because there isn't enough housing for everyone (and they say there's not enough demand to build more?!?). Well, I have not met a single person that made it past number 30 on that list. Not a one.

It seems that, no matter what that biatch in the housing office says, they do not follow the list. Instead, when you call or stop by, if they have a house available, they offer it to you.

Now, what is the point of having a system, and a list, and a whole Plan of Action laid out, when you do not then follow that plan?

For now I am following the same course of action as everyone else and we are going to call or stop by every day until they have a house for us. But I seriously want to see them properly use the system they have in place. grrr!

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