Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reply To All: Please Don't

OMG, haven't posted on here in ages!

But instead of bitching to the hubs, I decided it was time for a post. Hope I haven't written about this before.

Reply To All - this button should come with a warning label. I'm a member of an organization that sometimes does e-voting via email. I do (somewhat) understand hitting Reply To All when responding, voting, etc. so that everyone knows what's up.

HOWEVER, when someone sends an email saying, "Hey, there's a meeting at this time on this day for those of you that signed up."

OH. Oh, oh, oh.

First off, don't you have the list of people who signed up? I know I did not put my name on that list, so why am I getting this email? I don't want to go and never showed any interest in going.

Second, when responding to said email, is it necessary to let EVERYONE know that you can or cannot make it? I wasn't interested in the first place! I don't care if you go or not! You don't have to hit Reply To All and let everyone and their mother know that you can't make the meeting at that time. Let the one scheduling the meeting know that you won't be there and leave me out of it!

Seriously, people! I get this all the time. I've even seen it on dumbass forwards. Someone sends a forward to everyone on their contact list (coughDADcough), and someone else replies To All with their response/request to never be spoken to again. I don't know you! I don't give to flying monkeys! (Whew, glad for some last minute censorship there.)

I would love to see the Reply To All button have some kind of pop-up warning before letting people hit send. Something like, "Are you sure you want to send this to everyone on earth? Are you a total dumbass?" I know some people would still hit OK! and complete morons and send me inane crap that I could not care less about. But maybe, just maybe, a few of them would stop and think about it, and I would not get so angsty when checking my email.


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